The association refers in its characteristics, orientation and the actions of its members to the model of the intergenerational principles of the historical Navigation Schools on Föhr Island from the 16th to the 18th century as sustainable non-profit leadership academies through the success of more than 2,000 captains who emerged from the private Föhr Navigation Schools as the intellectual and economic elite of the maritime societies of the North Frisian Islands of Föhr, Amrum, Sylt and the Halligen, which have nevertheless remained egalitarian to this day.

In the spirit of the founder of Navigation Schools on Föhr Island, Pastor Richardus Petri at St. Laurentii Church in Süderende on Föhr, who held the office of pastor on Föhr from 1620 until his death in 1678, the activities of RÜNJHAID! are to take up the intergenerational non-profit system for leadership academies developed by Petri and, among other things in the sense of the “6th Kondratieff cycle” to “health” in the holistic sense – physical, mental, spiritual, ecological and social – to the leadership role of “health captains” for an outcome based “world medicine” and thus promote the transparent “navigation in medicine” for the benefit of patients and make it visible as Medicinale.

For RÜNJHAID!, the Medical School of Hippocrates on Kos Island, founded by Hippocrates of Kos some 2,500 years ago as a historical medical leadership academy, is a model for this. The Hippocratic Oath was created there, which, just like the Föhrer Navigation Schools, ensured the passing on of knowledge from generation to generation and which today, with the aim of holistic preservation of the integrity of the patient, his biology and his data, should be continued by RÜNJHAID! as a task for society as a whole.

RÜNJHAID! means in Fering, the language of the North Frisians Island of Föhr: Roundness! & Wealth! – the development of “round” personalities should be promoted by the new edition of Petri’s leadership academy principle. RÜNJHAID! also means economic well-being. RÜNJHAID! therefore stands for “Service for Humanity with value-based Leadership to Navigate the Medicine of the Future together with the Medicinale for sustainable outcome for Patients”.

Orientation, anchoring of this circle of friends begins at the place of origin on Föhr. The task of RÜNJHAID! is to bring these traditions of the islands of Föhr and Kos out into the world for imitation and, in addition, to build a European bridge between Föhr and Kos as a starting point for further Island Partnershipsto promote value-based international understanding, in order to make these old private insular school systems internationally visible again for all and to create future workshops for future generations for humans, animals and nature as sustainable “Health Islands“. RÜNJHAID! stands for “FOEHR THE BRAIN” – the orientation of the youth in the duty – future needs past and sustainability.

The motto of this circle of friends is: “Sünjhaid! to Rünjhaid! – TOGETHER FIRST.”

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