All Events on the Platforms of RÜNJHAID! Circle of Friends for Smart Islands and Smart Health (RUENJHAID.ORG, MEDICINALE.CLUB also named THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB, SUENJHAID.ORG, EURORALLYE.ORG) are based on the Statute of RÜNJHAID! Freundeskreis der nordfriesischen Seefahrerinseln Föhr, Amrum, der Halligen, Sylt, der Insel Kos und der Medicinale e.V.:

  • §2 Goals and tasks of the association
  1. The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the German Tax Code.
  1. The purpose of the association is for the benefit of patients the general promotion of public health and health care, of national education and vocational training, of local history and local history as well as international understanding.
  1. The purpose of the statutes shall be realised in particular by
  1. The general promotion of the establishment of an international reference library on the island of Föhr, reflecting the contents of the association’s purposes and the preamble of the association, and a multilingual internet presence for the download of digitalised writings reflecting the association’s purposes, for the general promotion of popular education.
  2. On the basis of the constantly advancing internationalisation of the health care system and health care, the implementation of international scientific events and international non-profit research projects and non-profit projects for the general promotion of public health and health care. In doing so, the Association will not conduct or promote contract research itself, neither the Association itself nor by using Association funds for financial support of third parties or institutions.
  3. The organisation of public lectures and public debate evenings, e.g. in the form of panel discussions, on patient benefit between industry, politics, culture and science on internationally relevant topics from medicine, science and society for the general promotion of international understanding.
  4. The general promotion of the cultivation of the homeland and local history of the North Frisian Islands and Hallig Islands in the North Frisian Wadden Sea through publications of the association, especially on the Internet, their island, Hallig and maritime history, customs, architecture, traditional costume, nature, etc. in the form of publicly accessible texts, pictures and videos and through the compilation of already existing publications and sources on the Internet presence of the association.

The association achieves its goals in particular through

  1. The meeting with domestic and foreign guests
  2. The organisation of the “Public Health Island Days
  3. The organization of the “public biike days” (“Biike” on 21 February)
  4. The issuing of publications

The events and publications of the association are to be made accessible to the interested public.

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