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This documentary film is about encouraging patients recovering from cancer to take steps to improve their overall health and find ways to get and stay motivated for their future life. The film will be in an interview style for patients recovering from the effects of cancer and it’s treatment. Its purpose is to act as an aid to their recovery, focusing on the living practices and philosophies of notable figures in medicine, art, and spirituality to promote wellbeing and inspiration for their physical and mental restoration.

Statement from Sunna Bohlen

I have decided to create this film out of compassion for those who have been
afflicted with cancer. From my personal experinces as an artist and with the friends
I have made in the medical community, I have found a deep meaning in regards to
physical health and mental strength. I believe that the mind and body are one, and in
order to heal oneself, both must be cared for. This video will provide patients who
have already come out of their treatment with one last step, to realize inspiration
and take that out into the world with them.
With the support of Donors, we are realizing this effort and have many notable scientists and artists to participacte.

Interview Subjects

– Madame Francoise Gilot

Age 97, b. France, French and American Citizen.
Famed painter and wife of American scientist, Dr. Jonas Salk (who discovered and developed polio vaccines and founder of the Salk Institute of Biological Studies) and former partner of painter Pablo Picasso.

– Dr. Roger and Lucianne Guillemin

Age 93 and 96, b. France, French and American Citizen.
Noble Prize in Medicine,1977
Neuroscientist, Former Interim President of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and pioneer of digital painting and his wife Lucianne, Pianist.

– Dr. Harald zur Hausen

Age 81, b. Germany, German Citizen
Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2008
Virologist, Discovered the human papilloma virus as cancerous agent in cervix carcinoma. Former President of the German Cancer Research Center and Distinguished Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg.

– Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn

Age 69, b. Australia, Australian and American Citizen
Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2009
Molecular Biologist, Distinguished Professor, and current President of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.
In recent years Dr. Blackburn and her colleagues have been investigating the effect of stress on telomerase and telomeres with particular emphasis on mindfulness meditation. She is also one of several biologists in the 1995 science documentary “ Death by Design / The Life and Times of Life and Times. 2017 “The Telomere Effect”.

– Dr. Thomas Widmann, MD

Age 46, b. Germany, German Citizen. Medical research Scientist and Physician. The issue of movement plays an important role in findings on the prevention of cancer and cancer recurrences.

– Sunna Bohlen

Age 67, b. South Korea, American and Swiss Citizen. Contemporary American painter, poet. The value of resiliency, conscious eating and mindful living. Managing Director of Ruenjhaid!


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