is an universal and sustainable motivation to connect Leaders of this world in an strategic network to built a better world together. The RUENJHAID! Philosophie is based on believing that everything for the next generations starts with education and orientation towards the younger generation:

The older generation should transport their knowledge of decades to the younger generation in an non-for-profit setting. On this small Island of Foehr at the West-Coast of Germany`s which gave our Leadership-Circle of Friends the Name RUENJHAID (=Round) and the historic routs they started this same tradition in the 16th century by educating the younger generation by older captains in navigation creating more than 2.000 new captains in only about 200 years. This is the service to humanity creating sustainable leadership by education and orientation.

As people today life a much longer life and as we have patients today which are e.g. cancer-survivors we also focus on giving by the example of the experience of the generation older than 90 years their spirit of living a long healthy live. Though as RUENJHAID means ROUND we try to bring together missing links to the “round” Humanity in Health, Arts, Music, Sports, Creativity and Culture.

Our focus is 360-degrees in this fields of Humanity and Sustainability.

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Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, President